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Global Business Management

Global Business Management is the training of managers for a transnational context. Students are usually trained for cross-border transactions of goods and services as well as the overall design of such strategy for the local, regional and global markets.

International business is also defined as the internationalization process of multinational corporations or MNCs. Global business management is considered a specialty within business because in addition to learning an applying knowledge in functional areas, an international manager pays close attention and make strategic decisions based on different legal systems, languages, cultures, economic and geographical environments, corporate cultures, complex and interrelated financial systems, etc. International and global business is shaped by the process of globalization and the opportunities and challenges that it brings to organizations.

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Student Profile

Students that are expected to be successful will have some of the following characteristics:

  1. Strong undergraduate studies. A Business management background is not required, but those with one will build knowledge and skills faster.
  2. Good oral and written communication skills.
  3. Work experienced is not required but recommended.
  4. Strong interest in globalization, international business and intercultural communication.
  5. Willing to learn, research, and apply knowledge in a competitive environment.

Career Opportunities

KPU’s program aligns with 6 of the top 100 high-opportunity occupations that have been identified by the Province of British Columbia.

  • NOC 4163 - Business development officers, marketing research and consultants.
  • NOC 1122 - Professional occupations in business management consulting.
  • NOC 0124 - Advertising, marketing, and public relations managers.
  • NOC 0601 - Corporate sales manager
  • NOC 1225 - Purchasing agents and officers
  • NOC 0113 - Purchasing managers

Last Updated: 13-Jun-2018

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