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Green Business Management and Sustainability

Green Business Management continues to emerge as a field where negative impacts to local or global environment is reduced or avoided by design. Green Business by its nature is applied and forward looking in its thinking. Green Business is not business as usual and it incorporates environmental sustainability mentioned above in addition to social and economic sustainability. Green Business management trains professionals to work in all types of organizations, but provides further specialization into green or greening operations. In today’s world, Green Business Management prepares managers and their companies to reassess its relation to the economy, social relations and the environment.

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Student Profile

Students that are expected to be successful will have some of the following characteristics:

  1. Strong undergraduate background. Students with business, science, technical, tourism or government studies may pick up the material faster, but the program is designed for all majors.
  2. Good oral and written communication skills.
  3. Work experience is not required but recommended.
  4. Strong interest in incorporating knowledge and skills of environmental, social and economic sustainability to their academic and professional backgrounds.
  5. Willing to learn, research and apply knowledge in a competitive environment.

Career Opportunities

KPU’s program will prepare graduates for the five occupational categories listed below. A total of 12,500 jobs openings across the five categories are expected to be created between 2015 and 2025 in British Columbia (of which 9,220 are expected in the Lower mainland/ South West region).

The transition to a greener Canadian economy is a highly dynamic process, and as a result, companies and organizations will increasingly need skilled professionals who can help them make the most of this phase of opportunity and growth.

  • NOC 4163 Business development officers and marketing research and consultants
  • NOC 0412 Government managers, economic analysis, policy development and program administration
  • NOC 1122 Professional occupations in business management consulting
  • NOC 1123 Professional occupations in advertising, marketing and public relations
  • NOC 4161 Natural and applied science policy researchers, consultants and program officers.

Last Updated: 13-Jun-2018

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