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Fashion Marketing (FMRK)

This is a list of the Fashion Marketing (FMRK) courses available at KPU.

Enrolment in some sections of these courses is restricted to students in particular programs. See the Course Planner - - for current information about individual courses.

For information about transfer of credit amongst institutions in B.C. and to see how individual courses transfer, go to the BC Transfer Guide

FMRK 11053 Credits

Computer Applications for Fashion Marketing

Students will examine the role of computers in the business world of fashion. They will be introduced to the Microsoft Windows operating system, and will use the Internet and the Microsoft Office spreadsheet, presentation and word processing software to develop solutions for fashion marketing related business activities. Students will explore the capabilities of industry-standard software applications such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign to create fashion marketing-related artwork and to design and build print-ready digital media.

Co-requisites: FMRK 1115

FMRK 11152.5 Credits

The Apparel Market

Students will acquire an historical awareness of the apparel industry and the current workings of the industry in local, national and global contexts. They will learn to identify the sectors of the industry from raw materials through to design, production and marketing to the consumer. Through market research students will explore and attend events, network with store owners and develop job contacts for marketing related opportunities. They will also explore a variety of careers available in design and marketing and how these positions interrelate.

Co-requisites: FMRK 1105

FMRK 11502 Credits

Fashion Retail Work Experience

Students will work 80 hours, paid or volunteer, to gain an understanding of the retail component of fashion in order to further their fashion marketing knowledge and skills. They will provide evidence of their learning in journal form, self-assessment, and reference letters.

FMRK 12053 Credits

Visual Communication for Fashion Marketing

Students will develop their fashion communication skills in a visual context. They will explore the fundamental elements and principles of design, and apply them to current visual fashion marketing strategies. Students will experiment with concepts of layout using fashion figures, terminology, and fashion product such as apparel and accessories. They will create a variety of fashion marketing images to increase their visual literacy in relation to prevailing industry formats.

Prerequisites: FMRK 1105, FMRK 1115 and MRKT 1199.

FMRK 12153 Credits

Textile Science

Students will develop their knowledge of how fabrics are created and used, and will be able to apply that understanding to communicate textile knowledge for marketing purposes. They will learn how factors such as industry issues, sourcing practices, labeling laws, fabric finishes and care instructions affect design, production and marketing decisions.

Prerequisites: FMRK 1115 and MRKT 1199.

FMRK 12503 Credits

Fashion and Consumers

Students will study the supply and demand for fashion products and services and business opportunities for local retail and wholesale markets. They will practice matching consumer preferences to finished product. Students will investigate job opportunities and entrepreneurial ventures in sales and marketing and explore local fashion districts. They will research, write market reports and present a marketing plan for a new start-up fashion business.

Prerequisites: FMRK 1105, FMRK 1115, FMRK 1150 and MRKT 1199.

FMRK 21053 Credits

Visual Fashion Merchandising and Promotion

Students will explore visual concepts of fashion marketing and promotion in 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional formats. They will interpret the elements and principles of design as they relate to 3-D areas, such as retail display spaces. Students will examine careers in visual merchandising and fashion promotion by experimenting with window and in-store display, creating merchandising floor plans for retail, styling still-photography shoots and creating fashion looks with garments. Students will identify current local and global trends in apparel, display, advertising and promotion as it pertains to the fashion industry.

Prerequisites: FMRK 1150 or FMRK 1205.

FMRK 21153 Credits

Fashion Forecasting

Students will engage in examination of historical fashion trends to determine how influences such as politics, economics, social and cultural movements impact the evolution of apparel and textiles. Through analysis of consumer trends and market segmentation, students will research applicable influences from areas such as design, art, music, architecture and lifestyle. Students will present a visual, verbal, and written proposed forecast with a rationale, based on interpretation and resulting analysis.

Prerequisites: FMRK 1205

FMRK 21203 Credits

Fashion Writing

Students will examine techniques for effective writing in the context of fashion marketing and promotion. Students will practice various fashion writing techniques such as web and social media writing, print and broadcast advertising, public relations copy, and editorial content in newspapers and magazines. Students will apply research, critical thinking, and writing skills using case studies and industry profiles.

Prerequisites: FMRK 1205 and FMRK 1215.

FMRK 22053 Credits

Fashion Buying

Students will expand their knowledge of the retail industry including development and distribution of consumer apparel products. They will examine the financial aspects of merchandising including pricing strategies, sales planning and purchasing of retail inventories. Students will also analyze merchandise control, productivity assessment, and in-store presentation.

Prerequisites: FMRK 2105 and 2115.

FMRK 22153 Credits

Fashion Events and Promotions

Students will learn to organize and manage a fashion marketing event including: event project management, research and design of on-site coordination, logistics, budgeting, promotion, fundraising, and evaluating the event's success. They will determine venue, theme, activities and will stage the event in the semester. Students will learn about publicity and will prepare media releases, public service announcements, and event communications plans.

Prerequisites: FMRK 2120

FMRK 22401.5 Credits

Fashion Marketing Work Experience

Students will conduct a 40 hour work placement in an apparel marketing organization. They will increase their knowledge of fashion marketing practices, develop contacts in the industry and identify opportunities for their place as professionals in the field.

Prerequisites: FMRK 2105

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