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The main aim of a degree in English is to provide students with a broad but detailed understanding of the history of English literature and the literatures of Canada, the United States, and other English-speaking countries. Students examine literature in its social, historical, and cultural contexts, and relate the literary works they read not only to the historical periods in which they were produced, but also to the world in which we live today. In addition to studying the traditional genres of poetry, fiction, drama, and representative writing from the Middles Ages to the present day, English students at KPU have the opportunity to study a wide range of innovative subjects, including classic and contemporary film, world literature, aboriginal and diasporic literature, and literature in translation.

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Student Profile

English students are, above all, people who are fascinated by the power of words and ideas to transform minds, lives, and society. We are not only interested in exploring the diversity, complexity, depth, and meaning of human experience, but also in understanding the countless ways that artists have found to represent that experience in their works. We are excited by the opportunity to share our interpretations and ideas with others and to make meaning by drawing connections between writers and works across time, culture, and discipline. At the same time, we are also careful to observe the features of a work that place it in a distinct historical and cultural context. This unique training produces informed, multifaceted graduates who are prepared to interpret, understand, and navigate complex issues in a range of situations and contexts.

Career Opportunities

Employers often rank graduates of English programs as among their most versatile and adaptable employees. This is because graduates with a Bachelor of Arts in English acquire a combination of discipline-based knowledge, core competencies and transferable skills that are not confined to a single career path but will allow them to pursue a wide range of personal and professional goals. English graduates often become educators, journalists, advertisers, social workers, writers, lawyers, bloggers, filmmakers, editors, and actors. The KPU English degree is also a strong first step to post-graduate studies and further credentials such as K-12 teacher certification, a law degree, and a range of Master's degrees.

Last Updated: 14-Jun-2018

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