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Graphic Design for Marketing Liberal Education Electives

The following are the Liberal Education electives for the Graphic Design for Marketing (GDMA) degree. GDMA students are advised they must meet co‐requisite/pre‐requisite and program requirements for all courses taken outside of the GDMA program. Six (6) credits outside of the GDMA program are required.

Accounting (ACCT)
  Any KPU  ACCT  course    
Agriculture (AGRI)
  Any KPU  AGRI  course    
Anthropology (ANTH)
  Any KPU  ANTH  course    
Art History (ARTH)
  Any KPU  ARTH  course    
Applied Communications (CMNS)
  CMNS 3100 Technical Report Writing 3 credits
Applied Science (APSC)
  Any KPU  APSC  course    
Asian Studies (ASIA)
  Any KPU  ASIA  course    
Astronomy (ASTR)
  Any KPU  ASTR  course    
Biology (BIOL)
  Any KPU  BIOL  course    
Brewing & Brewery Operations (HOPS)
  Any KPU  HOPS  course    
Business (BUSI)
  Any KPU  BUSI  course    
Business & Quantitative Methods (BUQU)
  Any KPU  BUQU  course    
Chemistry (CHEM)
  Any KPU  CHEM  course    
Communications (COMM)
  Any KPU  COMM  course    
Community & Health Studies (CAHS)
  Any KPU  CAHS  course    
Computer Business Systems (CBSY)
  Any KPU  CBSY  course    
Computer Science (CPSC)
  Any KPU  CPSC  course    
Creative Writing (CRWR)
  Any KPU  CRWR  course    
Counselling Psychology (CNPS)
  Any KPU  CNPS  course    
Criminology (CRIM)
  Any KPU  CRIM  course    
Cultural Studies (CUST)
  Any KPU  CUST  course    
Economics (ECON)
  Any KPU  ECON  course    
Educational Studies (EDUC)
  Any KPU  EDUC  course    
English (ENGL)
  Any KPU  ENGL  course numbered 1200 or higher    
Entrepreneurial Leadership (ENTR)
  Any KPU  ENTR  course    
Environmental Protection Tech (ENVI)
  Any KPU  ENVI  course    
Fine Arts (FINA)
  FINA 1237  Issues in Photography  3 credits
French (FREN)
  Any KPU  FREN  course    
Geography (GEOG)
  Any KPU  GEOG  course    
History (HIST)
  Any KPU  HIST  course    
Horticulture (HORT)
  Any KPU  HORT  course    
Human Resources Management (HRMT)
  Any KPU  HRMT  course    
Japanese (JAPN)
  Any KPU  JAPN  course    
Journalism (JRNL)
  Any KPU  JRNL  course numbered 1200 or higher    
Legal Administrative Studies (LGLA)
  Any KPU  LGLA  course    
Linguistics (LING)
  Any KPU  LING  course    
Mandarin (MAND)
  Any KPU  MAND  course    
Marketing (MRKT)
  MRKT 1299  Consumer Behaviour  3 credits
Mathematics (MATH)
  Any KPU  MATH  course    
Music (MUSI)
  Any KPU  MUSI  course    
Nursing (NRSG)
  Any KPU  NRSG  course    
Philosophy (PHIL)
  Any KPU  PHIL  course    
Physics (PHYS)
  Any KPU  PHYS  course    
Policy Studies (POST)
  Any KPU  POST  course    
Political Science (POLI)
  Any KPU  POLI  course    
Psychiatric Nursing (PSYN)
  Any KPU  PSYN  course    
Psychology (PSYC)
  Any KPU  PSYC  course    
Punjabi (PUNJ)
  Any KPU  PUBJ  course    
Sociology (SOCI)
  Any KPU  SOCI  course    
Spanish (SPAN)
  Any KPU  SPAN  course    
Women's Studies (WOMN)
  Any KPU  WOMN  course    

Last Updated: 13-Jun-2018

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